Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Why One Credit Card Makes Sense

If you have ever been in debt, you will understand immediately why one credit card is enough for you - or even the whole household.

One of the first reasons why it makes sense to have only one card is to reduce the temptation to spend more than what your income can afford. We have the tendency of spending up to maximum of each card. Imagine if you have more than one card. That is six times the amount of debt that you would have acquired if you stuck to only one credit account. Unless you know how to control your spending urges, then you are safer with just one card.

Another reason why you should only have one account is the fact that there are too much add ons to monthly credit card payments. Apart from the high interest rate, you also have finance charges for services and late penalty fees - even if you are only one day late on your due date.

You should be wary of the minimum payment requirement of credit cards too. They may appear to be small and manageable payments but in truth, sticking to that amount will keep you in debt for a longer time. Make sure you can pay for more than the minimum. If you have more than one card, the combination of minimum payments will end up being a significant amount. You may find it hard to pay for more than the required amount - which will keep you in debt for a very long time.

Indirectly, your credit score will also be affected when you have more than one card. Your debts has a higher possibility of increasing and if you cannot keep up with that, your score is in for some serious decrease.

A back up card may seem like a good idea but why do you need more than one? Do not justify a second card as the backup of your first card. Credit cards in general should be considered as your back up in the first place. In case you have no cash, you can use that. If your card has reward points, you can use it but make sure you pay for it on your next due date. That is how you use credit cards wisely.

These cards may be designed to be quite a temptation but if you know how to manage that, you should be alright. Be responsible with your finances so you can live a debt free life.

Even if you are in debt, there are options for you to help you get out of it. One of them is debt settlement. If you wish to know more about it, get in touch with National Debt Relief. They are a team of debt professionals who can help you understand how you can pay off your debts and live a debt free life for a very long time.

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