Thursday, January 31, 2013

Power of the Mind: The Best Approach to Debt Relief

In the book entitled “The Seven Habits of Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey, he mentioned one interesting habit that can prove to be useful when getting out of debt: begin with the end in mind. This particular habit implies the power of our mind. If you want something so bad, visualize it and you will find that everything about you will start gravitating towards it.

For anyone who had been in debt or is still battling to get out of it, you can attest to the fact that there is nothing in your mind but how much you still owe. The constant calls from your creditors make it even more difficult to concentrate on other things. When you lie awake at night, losing sleep over your credit obligations, you know that you need to change something.

While finding a debt relief option to help you out of your situation is important, you need to realize that setting a goal should be your first step. For instance, your goals could be to be debt free in 5 years. Or it can be financial freedom in the same time frame. It has to be something specific. Your goal has to be something that you want to happen to your life, a dream or an aspiration.

Once you have defined your goal, you need to envision it and keep it in your thoughts at all times. The book mentioned that things are actually created two times. The first creation happens in the minds while the second creation is the physical one. By putting in your mind what you want to happen or what you want to achieve, you are connecting the mental to the physical.

The reason why this is important for your debt relief efforts stem from the fact that getting out of debt is highly influenced by your attitude towards it. No matter how effective the program is or experienced the debt relief professional that you hired, if you cannot commit to it, then you are fighting a losing battle. Either that or it will be extremely difficult to get out of debt.

When you begin your day with the end in mind, you condition yourself to act based on what is in your thoughts. If you think about being debt free, then your mind will condition your body to work towards that goal. It will be easier to correct bad spending habits and stick to the budget that you created for yourself. Living a frugal life will not be a problem because your mind can easily adapt around this lifestyle.

When your mind is focused on your goal of achieving a debt free life, you will be surprised at the expenses that you can let go and the habits that you can change.

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