Sunday, January 6, 2013

Why is Credit Monitoring Vital for Financial Success

If you have just finished your debt relief program and you think that you can take it easy from now on, that is where you are wrong. You know how you need to continue watching your diet even after achieving your ideal weight through a strict diet plan? The same is true for your debt and finances. Even if you have successfully paid off your debts, that does not mean you are allowed to spend till your heart’s content!

While it is not as difficult as before, it still takes additional work to keep yourself out of debt. One of the things that you need to monitor is your credit score, and in relation to that, your credit report. Let us discuss the reasons why.

First of all, your credit score is like a weighing scale. It tells you if your recent actions are causing your financial health to turn for the worse once more. More specifically, it allows you to see if you are gaining too much debt or falling behind on payments.

That is possible because your credit score provides insight about five areas in your finances: payment history, debt amount, credit account history, new accounts recently opened and the types of credit that you have. One of the benefits of knowing the details of these financial measurements is being able to identify if you became a victim of identity theft. By spotting this as it recently happened, you should be able to prove that you did not make the loan. If you never check your credit score or report, you may have been paying for something that you did not benefit from at all!

One more reason why you have to develop the habit of checking your credit score is to be able to repair it if needed. Sometimes, debt free people get carried away celebrating their new found financial success that they do not realize they are acquiring debt once more. Be very careful not to fall back into debt. If you are keeping tabs on your report, it should be easy to spot if your score is getting lower. you can rectify that immediately - at least before it’s too late.

That also helps if you have an upcoming purchase ahead, especially if it is as costly as a home or even a new car. You should be able to prepare your credit score so it is in good enough shape to make you a low risk borrower. Being such will allow the lender to give you a low interest on the loan that you have to take out.

Lastly, you want to check your credit score often because you need to check for errors. You have to send a letter to the credit bureau immediately if you spot any mistake on your report. It is your right to file a dispute for any incorrect records against you.

This monitoring is not costly at all because you have access to one free credit report from each of the major credit bureaus.

If you are still buried in debt, you still need to monitor your credit score. Learn more about your options by visiting National Debt Relief. The initial consultation is free.

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