Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How to Get Your Small Business Out of Debt

In the general sense, small business debt is similar to consumer debt. In fact, if you are the sole proprietor of your company, then your personal finances is oftentimes linked to your business. In most cases though, the debts incurred by a business is greater than that of the average consumer. Also, you may find that the debt relief process is a bit different.

Almost all types of business is in debt, one way or the other. However, it becomes threatening if you observe your debts are continually growing without any hope of paying it off. If your revenues are not showing signs of improvement and your overhead can no longer be lowered, then you know that you are in trouble. It may be time for you to consider looking for a debt relief program to help you out.

When you have incurred a significant amount of small business debt, it means a couple of things. One of them is having your revenues fall short of your expectations. If you borrowed your capital money, that may have rendered you unable to meet your payments. Another reason for getting into debt is having your overhead expenses exceed your profits. Or your product may not be performing as much as you want and you have exhausted your funds on marketing campaigns.

Before you call your lawyer to refer you to a bankruptcy lawyer, consider your alternatives first. If you think that eliminating your debt can keep it afloat, then the solution to your financial problems is a small business debt relief. There are ways for you to salvage your business without getting the 10-year stigma that bankruptcy usually has. This is a double edged sword for sole proprietors too because their personal finances may be affected when they file for bankruptcy.

But before you choose, analyze how much you can afford to set aside for debt payments. Some business owners choose to get a bigger loan to pay for the smaller ones. The goal is to stretch their debt over a longer period. That would mean a smaller monthly payment that may help redirect funds into other expenses that can help increase profits. If you think that you don’t have enough to cover your debt payments, debt settlement is also another option that you can take. It involves settling with the creditor so they agree to let you pay for a percentage of your business’ debt. After that payment, they will forgive the rest of what you owe.

Regardless of what debt relief option you will choose, make sure that you study your business plan carefully. If you are just starting out, you may want to reconsider your processes. Maybe there is a different business model that can allow you to lower your overhead expenses. Not only that, you should also consider if your product or the service that you are selling is really marketable. If not, you may have to change that altogether. These are only a few of the things that you should consider to get your company out of debt. Just like in consumer debt, you need to go to the source of the problem so you don’t get into the same situation again.

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