Friday, January 25, 2013

How to Enjoy Abundance Through Frugality

It may sound like a complete contradiction but it is possible to live an abundant life despite your efforts to be frugal. In truth, abundance is not always associated with material things. We only began to associate it with that as we started to get dependent on material things.

All it takes is a different perspective to feel that you have more than you will ever need. Did you know that happiness is actually a state of mind? What makes you happy revolves around certain perceptions that we have about life. We only think that we are happy when we spend a lot of money because that is what we have grown accustomed to. But if you take that away, you will be surprised at the things that you discover will also bring us much happiness. Believe it or not, there is truth in the cliche’ that the best things in life are free.

What need you of all that extra money if your children grow up to be very distant from you? All that time you chose to spend away from your family at the expense of your personal relationship may not be worth it in the end. At the end of the day, those expensive toys and sophisticated gadgets will only be broken and will be long forgotten. But that traditional walk in the park and your constant presence in their lives will be something to remember.

Having just about enough will make you feel abundant if you positively think that it is so. Instead of focusing on the things that you do not have, why not be thankful for the things that you own?

If your budget is not enough to cover for your expenses, then be realistic about it and pull your lifestyle down a notch. Spend only what you can afford and start living within your means. This is where frugality comes into play. Avoid buying things just because society dictates certain trends. Trends fade and get replaced by even more expensive items. Do not be part of the trend unless you have a real need for it.

Create a budget so you can categorize the “needs” expense and the “wants” expense. Prioritize your needs and keep your wants short. Be aware of the things in your life that is really important. For instance, a very expensive vacation is not as important as your children’s education. Why not save half of what you would have spent on their college fund and spend vacation on a cheaper venue? Your kids will definitely appreciate the gesture of saving for their future.

Ultimately, feeling abundant despite the practice of frugality involves defining what role material things play in your life. As mentioned, it is all in how you perceive things. If you believe that your money and the things that it can buy will increase your personal worth, then you are mistaken. Sometimes, having a big home does not define personal fulfillment. If it makes you unhappy because of the mortgage debt associated with it, then it will not feel so abundant after all.

Money is only as good as how you spend it for your personal growth. If it is to boast, then you are missing the whole point of being abundant. Aim for monetary growth but not at the expense of the things that really matter. Being frugal goes way beyond what you spend on. It is in making sure your spending decisions are according what will make your living worth your while.

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