Friday, November 22, 2013

Use Debt Management To Be A Smart Spender

Debt management is a great way to consolidate credit card debt. However, did you know that it will do more than just consolidate your multiple credit obligations? It can also help you become a smart spender. It all has something to do with the process and details of the whole program.

This debt solution begins with a credit counseling session wherein a certified credit counselor will review and analyze your debt and financial situation. This information will allow them to give you professional and effective advice about the best course for your debt situation. Whether that is debt management or something else, a sincere credit counselor will give you their honest opinion.

When you qualify for debt management, you will be creating a debt management plan or DMP with the credit counselor. This is basically a payment plan that doubles as a proposal and agreement with your creditor. Will hold your proposed lower monthly payment plan and when approved and accepted by the creditor, you need to follow it to the letter. Failure to meet the payment details on this DMP can cost you the whole agreement and bring you back to your old payment scheme.

But how will it make you a smart spender?

First of all, the credit counseling session will include personal finance lessons. You will be taught budgeting, saving and proper financial management skills. Budgeting is something that will help you make smart choices about your expenses because it will tell you just how much you can really afford to spend. Combined with your debt management plan, you can determine how much is left after your basic needs and debt payments are met. Whatever money remains is what you can use for your other expenses. You can make a smart decision as to how you can stretch that money to meet your needs. You can choose which expenses to prioritize and you can be smart about it. By thinking about your expenses you are beginning to practice the skills that will help you become a smart spender.

Another reason why debt management will help you become a smart spender is because your creditors will freeze any account that you will enroll in the program. At least, this is true for your credit card accounts. You will not be able to use it until after you have completed the DMP. This act will force you to use cash for your purchases.

When we buy in cash, it usually becomes more difficult to push through with the transaction. If you have a $100 in your wallet, you will not spend all of it. You want to make sure that you have a couple of dollars left there. The $100 credit in your card will not get the same treatment. Also, since parting with cash is more painful for spenders, you will end up thinking harder about every purchase. In essence, that will make you a smarter spender. When you do it a couple of times, you will get used to the habit of thinking before spending.

These are the two main reasons why using debt management will not only free you from debt, but also teach you the skills that will help you stay away from debt again.

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