Thursday, September 26, 2013

3 Options To Deal With High Interest Credit Cards

Credit cards are notorious because of their high interest rates. Sometimes, people who are burdened with credit card debt do not need to go for debt reduction. They do not have to compromise their credit scores because they can afford to pay off their contributions. They just need to do something about the high interest on their credit cards to make better progress at paying it down.

Lucky for you, there are three options to help you deal with your high interest credit cards.

1. Request for a lower interest rate. Some people do not know this but you can actually call your creditor to request for a lower interest rate. Sometimes, telling them that another company offered you a new low interest rate credit card can be a great strategy. Even if it is true or not, that really happens. Credit card companies use it as a way to get cardholders to switch to their company. Tell your current card company that you are seriously thinking about taking up on the offer unless they can make you a good offer too. If you had been good with your payments, the chances of them lowering your interest will be high. Of course, you just have to be ready to close the account in case they refuse to agree to your request.

2. Stop accumulating debts. Here’s the thing. Your interest rate can only affect you if you have an outstanding balance on your card. That means, removing this balance will automatically keep you from suffering the effects of high interest rates. One of the ways to do that is to stop using your cards. Just pay for things in cash. Learn how to wait if you cannot afford to buy something.

3. Use debt relief. Since lowering your balance seem to be the key in dealing with the high interest rate on your card, using a debt relief program can also help. If you want to keep your credit score from suffering, we highly suggest that you go for debt consolidation. You have two options in making sure that you end up with a low interest when you combine your credit card debts.

  • Debt consolidation loan is when you get a master loan that will be used to pay off your existing high interest credit balance. The average debt consolidation loan rates are relatively smaller compared to credit cards so this will help address the interest problem.
  • Balance transfer. This is when you transfer your high interest credit balances to a new card that offers a zero percent interest for a specific period. This promo period usually runs between 6 to 18 months. The idea is to make bigger payments during this period so that you can seriously pay down the principal debt that you owe. Just be careful because you could be back to the high interest rate once the promo period is over.

These three options can help you with the high interest of your cards but make sure that you be smarter about how you will use it. That way, you can avoid the usual financial crisis that credit card debt can bring.

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