Sunday, March 3, 2013

Good Debts The Secret To Grow Your Wealth Through Debt

Did you know that you can actually grow your money by putting yourself in debt? In fact, most businesses (yes, even the successful ones) started out with a lot of debt on their account.

It is true that debt can be very destructive but if you think about it, you can also use it to help grow your wealth. If you find that hard to believe, then this article may be quite enlightening for you.

If you ask a financial or debt expert, they will tell you that there is no such thing as good or bad debt. Debt is simply a business transaction between the lender and the borrower. It only becomes destructive for some people because they got the loan for the wrong reasons and with the wrong approach.

What you need to understand is that your debts can actually help you grow your household or business wealth. The secret lies in what you plan to do with the debt money. If you intend on using it to finance things that will not contribute to your personal growth or investments, then it will end up destroying you. That is especially true if you know that you do not have the income to pay it back.

But if your purpose for getting the loan is to invest it on something that will help grow your wealth like a business or your education, then this particular debt will be good for you. Not only will that investment help pay for the loan on its own, you will most likely have extra money to help finance other expenses on your budget list.

Another secret to use your debt to grow your wealth is by being prepared for it. You can choose to put yourself in debt but you have to make sure that you created a plan to help pay for it. A debt ignored will never do you any good - even if you used it to grow your business or to develop your skills.

It all boils down to making wise financial and spending decisions. If you use your credit card, that puts you in debt so you have to make sure that you are spending it on something necessary and you have the cash to pay it once the bill comes in. That will keep you from paying more than what you have to because of interest rates and penalty charges.

Bottom line is to think before you make any debt commitments. While financial freedom is usually associated with debt elimination, it doesn’t have to be strictly that way. You can incur debts but make sure your repayment plan is solid and that you have a lot of savings to back up that loan. That is in case the future income that you planned on using falls short. Try not to be extravagant just for appearance sake. Think before you spend and always live within your means. If you have this type of financial perspective, you will never be scared of debt because you know that you have the appropriate plan to pay it off.

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