Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What To Do If You’ve Been Missing Credit Card Payments Due to Sickness

Are you having problems with your debt payments because you had been sick? This is one of the common reasons why people have been missing out on payments. Of course, this is an unfortunate incident that no one definitely anticipated and want to happen. It is most distressing for the individual if their condition led to the acquisition of more debts and their inability to pay off any existing credit accounts.

Instead of worrying about that, you need to concentrate on making yourself well again. That should be your priority. Debt can be really stressful and you need to concentrate on making yourself better so you have the energy to battle your debts.

But that does not mean you ignore your debts completely. As you are recuperating from your condition, you need to inform your creditors about your current financial state. This is the first thing that you should do. It doesn’t matter if you already missed out on a couple of payments or you are just on the brink of doing so. Pick up that phone and call your creditor. But before you do that, make sure you have the necessary documents that will prove that you are indeed in a severe medical condition. It is common for them to ask for proof so make sure you are ready with the evidence.

When you are ready, call and inform them that you are unable to continue with your current payments. State that this is because of a sickness that requires you to pool in your limited resources for the medical treatment needed to get better. Let them know that you have every intention to pay for your debts but given the situation, it is just not possible. Discuss with them the options that you have like debt settlement or bankruptcy. In most cases, they may opt for the former as bankruptcy could result in them getting nothing from you.

Send a formal letter after the phone call to state your current condition. Actually, you can start by sending a letter prior to making the call. Either way, a letter is more important than the call.

Informing your creditors will stop the collection calls from happening and thus head off unnecessary stress. As you keep them in the loop, you should be able to satisfy your medical treatment expenses while dealing with your debt problems.

If you need help in settling your debts with limited funds, get in touch with a reliable debt settlement company. They can help take over the negotiation with the creditors so you do not have to deal with any of the stress and you can concentrate on getting well.

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